Saturday, April 5, 2008

Bead by Bead

I have a rosary, it's plastic, it's simple and it glows in the dark. I ended up bidding on this one at ebay last night. I won it. I think it's going to be lovely and will be something nice to carry around or use to pray. However, I just went back to ebay and found another one and placed a bid.If I keep bidding on ebay I may not be able to afford the one I really want.

I found Magnificat Rosaries one night while searching for a rosary that I could visualize for the story I'm writing. I found this one there. It's lovely and I want it. There are so many beautiful rosaries and I can't really decide but that one (click the picture to take you to the description) is the one calling out to me. I have to save up for it. And stop buying others on ebay.

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