Friday, April 25, 2008

Was Shakespeare Catholic?

I've been hearing rumors that he was. And then those rumors being refuted saying he wasn't. I hadn't really given much thought about it. I've read Shakespeare. I love his writing, but I haven't studied it since high school and college. Then, I wasn't really looking for a religous message, if there is one in his work, nor did I care then what religion he practiced. I still don't care because he left behind a whole body of truly amazing work and that's what I appreciate. Still, what faith influenced it, if any did. PBS' religion and ethics newsweekly talks about it. It's interesting to read. I don't think it really matters if he was Catholic or Protestant, but I suppose I can see how both religions would love to claim him.

Also on PBS tonight, Rev. Jeremiah Wright was on Bill Moyers. I didn't watch it all, as I was too tired but I'll watch again later. But what I saw was fascinating. He's an incredibly smart and articulate man. I'm reserving a right to voice my opinion later. One of my friends was really intrigued by it and wants to watch it again. I have it on the DVR and we'll watch it later and I might try to come up with some reasonably articulate thoughts about it.

I also am reading "The Seven Story Mountain" by Thomas Merton. I picked it up at the suggestion of a comment from one of the online communities I read and because of the section in "My Life with the Saints" by Father James Martin, which was one of my favorite reads last fall.

I need to do more reading and I want to avoid reading fiction in the genre in which I write, so I thought I'd read something a bit more spiritual. Right now, I'm really enjoying the book. I like his writing style and eagerly follow along on his journey to finding faith and spirituality.

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