Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Family History

On Monday, the Saint of the Day was St. John Baptist de la Salle. He was the founder of the Christan Brother's Schools and is rightfully the Patron Saint of teachers. I was taught by the Christian Brothers and have found myself very fortunate for my Catholic education. They Christian Brothers or the Lasallian Brotherhood has been part of New Mexico for over 150 years. The high school I attended is the oldest high school in the state of New Mexico. For almost a 100 of those years, it was a boy's only school, then when Loretto Academy for girls closed in the late 60's St. Michael's became coed. I've heard stories from an older cousin who was one of the first girls to attend the brothers were a bit uncomfortable teaching girls, but they got over it.

I was actually going to make a post yesterday commemorating St. John Baptist de la Salle because of my education, but didn't. I was pretty scattered brained yesterday. So, I just off the phone with my mother, who asked me to pick up a copy of the New Mexican because there was an article about her cousin, Brother Luke Olivas. He's one of the oldest living members of the Christan Brothers in the US and Canada. I remember hearing all about him him and knowing that I had a family member who was a Christian Brother and lived with the other brothers on campus at the residence, but I don't actually recall ever meeting him. Reading about his life is quite fascinating. Sadly, I wish it was something I thought about writing. I am good at writing feature pieces. I'm just not good about actually writing them.

So now I have to try to find a newspaper to take to my mother because she won't get online. Anyway, it's a nice article.

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