Friday, July 11, 2008


Two Items related to Lourdes. It's the 150th Anniversary of Lourdes. There's a bit on Religion and Ethics News Weekly from PBS about the modern day pilgrimages to Lourdes. Father James Martin, SJ is interviewed, as is a sister from the Order of Malta, who are the caretakers of the malades who are the ones who go to Lourdes looking for healing-- physical and or spiritual. Father Martin talked about his first experience in visiting Lourdes in his book "My Life With the Saints" and just by his descriptions, I wanted to hop on the next plane and go-- just for the spiritual experience alone. I think like most people, I could use some healing as well, again probably spiritual more so than physical.

I think that it would be some place I'd like to go see when I go to Europe. It's near Spain and I do want to go to France as well... so how can I not go?

And in the Bronx at a replica of the Grotto at Lourdes, people claim the tap water there is turning holy and causing miracles. Saw this in the local paper this morning.

We just had a huge downpour and anytime it rains in my desert, I think it's a miracle.

I have some thoughts about Marian Devotion and a bit of a rant directed at a blog post I stumbled upon last night. I'm trying to chill before I go off and get all snarky and snippy.

Photo credit: image of Our Lady of Lourdes from wikipedia.

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