Thursday, July 24, 2008

Holy Virgin, Called Blessed By All Generations

During the novena last month, the pastor from Our Lady of Guadalupe parish announced that the parish was organizing a journey to Mexico City to pick up the new statue of The Virgin of Guadalupe that would be placed in front of the old Santuario.

For the last couple of days, after seeing an article in The New Mexican, I wanted to post a blog entry of the history of it, as no one has hired me yet. ;-) However, as the local papers have covered it quite well, I'll just post the links to the articles. Also, Joshua Trujillo, a photographer for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, created a beautiful blog with pictures telling the whole story of the statue and its journey to Santa Fe. I spent the last hour reading through all the entries and looking at all the pictures. As I'm not a parishioner at Our Lady of Guadalupe, I don't feel as emotionally invested in the arrival of this statue, however, as a resident of this old city of faith, I do feel a bit emotional after perusing this blog. It truly seemed like an amazing experience and I'm sure all the Santa Feans who made this journey will not forget it.

Until yesterday, I hadn't seen a picture of the statue and so I didn't know what she looked like or what to expect. I must say she's incredibly beautiful. I can only imagine what an honor it will be to have her here. I think her presence in front of the old Santuario will be a comfort and a blessing, especially for the members of that parish. Many of them are immigrants from Mexico, and many have found a home there. I'll have to go see her this weekend, as it's also the annual Spanish Market and I think I'll venture downtown to browse the market. Not sure if I'm going or buying anything this year.

Here are the links to the articles about the pilgrimage and journey to pick up The Virgin.
From the New Mexican, Our Lady, Almost Home and Parishioners Welcome Marian Statue After Safe Arrival From Mexico. Two stories from the Journal North. Our Lady's Statue Delayed and finally, Missing Icon Located in El Paso Warehouse. On the Journal site, there is a video clip from its stop in Rio Rancho at St. Thomas Aquinas Parish.

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