Thursday, July 3, 2008

My First Post About Liturgical Abuse: Puppets (WCCTA 2008)

So, I'm a bit late commenting about this. I finally watched it all. I can't even recall when all the outraged about the Puppet Mass emerged, but I didn't get too engage in it. I don't get up in arms or upset by all the complaints I see about Liturgical Abuse. I don't go to Mass to scrutinize every little move the priest does, and if he makes a mistake, God forbid an abuse, I don't make a big deal of it. Maybe he made a mistake, or forgot something, he is human after all... however this video is an example of truly one big Liturgical Abuse after another.

The only thing, we sometimes sing the Alleluia in that same way-- but that's just the singing part. There is never any theatrics, nothing ever flashy, nor are their dancers running about waving the Book of Gospels or swinging the incense. That makes me shudder. In my parish, the Deacon takes the book, shows it to the congregation and then goes to the ambo to read.

That's all the flash in my parish.

Ewww. Anyway... as tolerant and easy going as I am, I would have walked out the minute I saw the puppet heads walk in the door.


Anonymous said...

I am still smiling. These people seem to "get" the celebration of the Eucharist concept. ☺ I liked it.

Maria said...

But that's not what it is about. The Mass is not theatre or a time of puppetry. I'm far from a Traditional or a conservative Catholic, but that was just silly and irreverent.

In the context of the Mass, I think it's plain ludicrous and pointless.

But to each his or her own.