Monday, July 14, 2008

An Ode to Socks


Oh yes... how I adore you. You come in the most brilliant colors, textures and patterns.
Oh, the styles-- it's oh so overwhelming.

If only my sock drawers could tell stories, the stories they would tell. I have woolen socks, silken socks, girly socks with lace, bows and poms, socks in probably just about every color. I have white socks-- oh my-- I have black socks too.

Two drawers full of socks I never wear. Sad to say, while I love buying socks... I never wear socks. Yet I have socks... many socks, lots of socks, an over abundance of socks. Perfectly matched socks. Though... I don't have a saint in my sock drawer, like Father James Martin, S.J., did as a kid. He has a whole chapter devoted to the Saint of the Sock Drawer in his book, "My Life With the Saints."

See no saint in either sock drawer.

Oh my... what is this I see? A black sock without a mate. An orphan sock. Oh dear. Where could the other be? How long has it been without it's mate? Days... months... years... ages? I really don't know, as I just discovered its tragic disappearance. Do I call the police and file an APD? Where does one look for an orphaned sock? Oh this is distressing.

Oh... will I sleep tonight in fear of what happened to the patterned black sock's mate? Perhaps tonight, I shouldn't be alone. I'll sleep with a trusted old friend.

(Image from Wikipedia article about sockpuppets. Click pic for photo credit.)

If you're still with me, this post is inspired from a writer, Karina Fabian, who on a Catholic Writer's list, declared recently that July 14-18th is Orphan Sock's Week.
Check out her Blog to read more about it.

Even though, I thought it was a fun idea, I really don't have much I can post about orphan socks. In fact, this might be my only post for Orphan Sock Week. While, there is plenty of evidence that I do own socks, in practice I never wear them. I only wear them when I work out out, hike or walk the dogs. In the winter I can be seen wearing socks, otherwise my feet look like this, sockless, barenaked and polished with bright red toes.


Karina Fabian said...

Fun post! Don't worry about not posting more--I gave it a week so we could all post on whatever day best suited our schedule.

I collect souvenir socks, usually from airports I fly through. It's a fun practical collection. It drives me nuts when one gets lost!

Maria said...

That would be fun to collect socks from different places.

I do agree that it does drive me nuts when I lose a sock, even if I have tons of socks of the same kind.

Thanks for dropping by.