Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Burned Popcorn almost a sin.

So... I haven't done a whole lot of much. Have not started to re-read Death Comes for the Archbishop yet. I've been following with interest about the Five Conditions offered to the SSPX to return to Rome. Opinions to come later. Maybe.

Been writing, a lot in my head, more than on "paper" but everything I'm writing about takes place in my Under the Milky Way universe and is about the future and what happens to my characters. I was reading about cloistered nuns all last night because (no I don't want to become one and if I did, apparently I'm too old anyway) one my characters probably will become one. Of course, that's a character that really doesn't exist yet and if it ever got written would be set nearly 30 years into the future.

Anyway, among my wanderings last night, I discovered that the Dominicans in Summit, NJ have a great blog, there is a Poor Clare monastery in southern New Mexico. I learned that many young men and women are choosing to join contemplative and cloistered orders these days and because of the Internet we get a glimpse of that life, which seemed so foreign and hard to comprehend before.

See, the Internet isn't that bad.

We have Carmelites here, which isn't news to me, but I can't find anything about them online. I hear their numbers are dwindling and apparently, they don't even make the hosts for the Eucharist here, but they celebrate the Tridentine Mass and have a huge secular and lay third order here. I think they still host retreats. We have two Benedictine Monasteries nearby too. Apparently, Thomas Merton was here in NM way back when, when the Trappists were trying to start a Monastery here, but this desert life wasn't conducive to their lifestyle so the Benedictines took it over. I'm really enjoying reading Merton right now.

What else, there was a nice article about "Theology On Tap" in the local paper. It looks interesting and I think I'd like to check it out sometime... but can't seem to find anything further.

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