Thursday, August 7, 2008

Save Me From Myself.

Blogging has been a bit slow. Funny thing was over at the LJ I posted that I was thinking of taking a hiatus from LJ-land. There are a few communities which I read and participate in, plus there are many real life people that the days I only connect with online via LJ. I thought I'd probably move most of my blogging here, but haven't done that yet either. I go in spurts.

I have some definite thoughts I want to share about writing, religion and women's ordinations- not- ordinations. I've been thinking about prayer lately.

Last week I was down for the count with Stomach Flu. Not the SFFH,(Stomach Flu From Hell) which I had last fall, where I threw up a lot. This wasn't a bad stomach flu where I was throwing up all the time, but it was bad enough that it kept me from doing much. I had a lower backache from hell for about five days. Finally, I think I've gotten over it. I had a so-so workout at the gym and it helped. While I'm of the mentality that exercise is good-- yet my back aches--then I don't exercise and it still aches. I hate that. Anyway, that's where I've been lately.

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