Saturday, August 9, 2008

Went to the Movies...

I guess I really haven't turned in my Fangirl Card because I snuck away to see the new X-Files movie, "I Want To Believe". First off, I didn't expect a huge, blow-em-up kind of movie. I had hoped for some resolve with what happened when the show ended, and yes there was some of that and I knew going into it had gotten mixed reviews. Secondly, as a fan of the show and a former fangirl, I had to see the movie. I knew nothing of the plot, but I had heard it was an exploration of faith.

Wasn't overly happy to find out the priest character played by Billy Connolly was a defrocked, pedophile priest who was living in a half-way, self-policed rehab type house. He was seeing visions. Scully was a doctor at a Catholic hospital with a dying kid and Mulder was Mulder, alebit a bit less idealistic and a bit jaded.

So, the plot was about missing women, evil scientists, trading in body parts and other typical X-files drama, intrigue and weirdities. We see Skinner and by the end, all is well with the world, at least for a little while. But, there was an underlying questioning of faith, and exactly just how far one should go to save another human being. What is ethical and right and just where does science cross the line and how much does faith, God and religion figure into the equation.

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