Monday, August 25, 2008

Playing Pretend

Nice post over at WDTPRS about boys "playing Mass". The picture is a vocations poster for the Diocese of Raleigh. It's been seen everywhere, but it makes me wonder how many little boys who play priest as young boys will be discouraged from entering the priesthood. I wonder how many priests, pretended to play priest as boys? I know career counselors often say when you don't know what to be when you grow up, you should think back to the things that you did as a kid, usually that's a good indicator of what you like to do and should do. So, this makes me wonder. The priest at my parish knew he wanted to be a priest when he was 10. One of the priests in town entered the seminary at 12. I wonder if either of them played priest?

Makes me wonder if in my story, I should have Andrew "play" Mass as a child. Or maybe Christopher?

I had older cousins play "nuns" when they were little. Neither of them became nuns. One isn't even Catholic anymore.

I always played "bride", "reporter","house" and "school". I think I even played grocery store. But "bride" was the most fun. My mom had blue plastic daisies which I used as my bridal bouquet, I'd do the whole ceremony and I used my first communion veil as my bridal veil. Too bad none of the neighborhood boys would play the part of the groom or the priest who would marry us. I'm not sure if I put on a white dress, but in my world I married a handsome man who swept me off my feet. I'm still waiting.

Fantasies are always fun. Maybe that's why I like writing.

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