Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Requiescat In Pace

Today is the 15th Anniversary of my grandmother's death, and I've been thinking about her today. I had too many intentions to get to a church to say a prayer or a rosary today, but the closest I came was a trip into town with my mother to look at the new statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe. We went into the old Santuario and I lit a candle and said a quiet prayer. I wasn't really sure what to say in my prayer but it was a little quiet moment today.

My grandma was born in 1898 and died in 1993. She was feisty, strong, mischievous and oh so smart. She was a devout Catholic, she loved poker, she raised six children and a granddaughter. She spoiled her grandchildren and always had a piece of candy or a sweet treat waiting for us when we'd come visit.

She married late for her generation-- in her late 20s. She was a school teacher and an amazing seamstress. I think all the creative talent in my family comes through my grandmother and great-grandfather, who was a woodworker.

On Friday, I paid for a Mass for her anniversary. I think I'll try to make my trip to the cemetery then. I've invited all my relatives and we'll have dinner afterward. For some reason, I've been thinking about my grandparents a whole lot and I'm curious to know more about them. I know it's too late to get some answers-- but there are things I still can learn and hope to in the near future.

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