Friday, August 15, 2008

A Woman Clothed with the Sun and the Moon Under Her Feet

Today we celebrate Mary's Assumption into heaven, body and soul. For me, today was one of those days when I had a lot to do, but didn't get anything done. I was originally going to go to Mass at noon at my parish, but had to go help my mother do something and didn't want to rush back to change, just to go to Mass. I was then going to go into the office to meet my office mate, have tea and then come home for Mass tonight. But, then Mom told me about the goings on in town and we considered going. Dad then put a hitch in my plans, when he had to go to the doctor and Mom wasn't feeling well, so... I never got to the office. Grr.

However I did make it to Mass. I didn't go to my parish church, but to the Mass at Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish, with roughly a thousand (maybe more?) people. It was the first time I attended an outdoor Mass. It had all the elements that make Mass wonderful, lovely music, incense, reverence, a strong homily by the archbishop, but there was rain, too many distractions (road side traffic, people talking, confusion during communion) that I am glad it is over. There were probably far too many people to fit in the church today. The Mass was behind the churches (both the old church and the new church) and just underneath the new statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe. It was unveiled just after Mass and she really is beautiful. What a testament to the faith of the people in this community.

There were speeches, presentations, and declarations before she was unveiled, but it was all worth it. Native American dancers performed earlier in the day, as did some local mariachis (I missed them) and I believe there was a reception afterward. As it isn't my parish, I didn't really know what else was happening. I just wanted to make my obligation and see the statue. I've been waiting for weeks.

Once the sun peeked out from the thick, heavy rain clouds, you could see her splendor as she stood there surrounded by the faithful.

See my pictures here. I'm just playing with making slide shows. I suspect that on the official site of the journey, there are much better pictures and a more complete wrap up of the day's events. This post is also rather scattered, so I'll come back and revise it later.

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