Monday, May 19, 2008

Blogs, blogs and more blogs...

There's a new fun Catholic Blog out there. It's another in the line of new "Stuff (Insert Group of People Here) Like blogs. "Stuff Catholics Like" was started by a few notable Catholic bloggers on the Internets, with whom I'm familiar. And so far has been quite a fun read.

While it's not so dissimilar to apparently blogs of the same genre like "Stuff Christians Like" and "Stuff White People Like" it's more fun, well to me anyway. I suppose I'm biased.

I thought the stuff Christian's like is a bit too... something... generic, non-denominational, not quite catholic enough, who knows??? I mean, face it Catholics have ritual, tradition, sacraments, relics, grand Cathedrals, novenas, statues, and the pope... how can anything else compare?

However, I did find some mild amusement with the Stuff White People Like blog. I wonder if anyone has started the Stuff Hispanic/Latino/Mexican (pick your descriptor) blog yet? Me thinks, that would be a fun one.

Meanwhile, I will endeavor to add more blogs to my blog roll. I just wish Blogger had reader like LJ.

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