Monday, May 26, 2008

Corpus Christi

So Mom took me birthday shopping. Ok, I drove, but she bought me presents. We walked around town and then we went to the services for Corpus Christi at the Cathedral. We didn't take part in the whole procession, we watched it as it got on the way. It was beautiful though and took some pictures
as it went by. Alas, I'm saving up my excitement for next week's procession for the Novena to La Conquistadora, whom is probably the patron of my journal.

This is a whimsical statue of St. Francis, patron saint of our Cathedral Basilica. It's actually a water fountain and has some lovely quotes carved on it, attributed to St. Francis.

I didn't arrive early enough to get a decent shot of the altar and how beautiful it looked. This was near the end of the service, when everyone was gathering together for the procession, but we really do have a beautiful church and we have such a strong and wonderful faith in this community. I truly love being Catholic and living here.

Coming out of the Cathedral. Leading the procession were First Communicants and other children carrying baskets of flowers, dropping the petals as they passed, (not pictured) then the parishes emerged and the various orders, the third orders, other groups and finally the clergy of St. Francis, the Archbishop and the Blessed Sacrament.

The procession begins. Clergy from the Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis emerge from the front doors with Archbishop Sheehan carrying the Blessed Sacrament.

The journey from the church begins.

The Procession leaves the church down Cathedral Place, just in front of the the La Fonda Hotel.

Following a trail of rose petals the Blessed Sacrament wound its way down town and back to the church.

(I took these photos yesterday and I'm still muddling my way with uploading pictures. In Quark or Photoshop it's easy. Here, it's not doing what I want. I wish I'd gotten better pictures but we were just there for a while. We didn't participate in the procession, though next week I will participate in the procession as La Conquistadora is taken from her chapel in the Cathedral to the Rosario Chapel for the novena in her honor.)

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