Friday, May 2, 2008

Was there really any agony or ecstasy? Or was Michelangleo poking fun of the pope?

I was going to write up a rant about this, a show that aired on ABC 20/20 tonight, based upon this book and the theory that Michelangelo left behind hidden messages in the frescoes of the Sistine Chapel. But why do so when Father Z at What Does the Prayer Really Say? already did so already and in such a good way that I won't.

I found an interview with one of the author's of the book with a priest from I guess a segment on ABC, called Faith Matters. I think I might be obsessing with this longer than I should.

So, I guess I could worry and ponder this news from France about a Mystery Knights Templar tomb and this priceless tidbit:

"This treasure was believed to be priceless relics such as documents, the Holy Grail, even the embalmed remains of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene, which was then brought to southern France, and hidden."

Man, I wish I could finish one of my novels, so I'd have time to write about conspiracy theories and come up with things that will debunk the Catholic Church once and for all. Not.

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