Monday, June 2, 2008

Danos La Paz

Novena Day One. Today was the first day of eight days where I will get up at 4:00 (4:30 if it's really late) and go to Mass. On regular Sunday's I'm in the pews no earlier than 11:20 for the 11:30 mass. I've only made this novena once in my life but I've always known about it. Last year, I attended all the Masses and watched the procession back from the Rosario Chapel to the Cathedral. This year, I hope to make all nine Masses and both processions. It was really hot on Sunday. I still plan to write up the history of the whole Novena when I'm not dragging.

The different parishes from the area will each take turns to celebrate Mass. From what I understand, each night her clothes are changed and she wears something that might be meaningful to that particular parish. Last year, she wore the dress the mother of one of our local priests made for her after he was ordained. What's really wonderful about the novena, especially for those of us who are natives, is this is a time to participate in our history and heritage. Several of the priests who celebrate Masses during this week are natives and have shared their stories of discernment and inspiration during their homilies. I really look forward to this year's novena.

Today's Mass was celebrated by the parish of Christo Rey, as tradition dictates, it always starts the novena. My parish is on Friday.

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