Saturday, June 7, 2008

It Is Really All About Faith.

I had a really hard time getting up today. I decided to go to Mass this morning only because I had an appointment later in the morning, so I could come to the office, get some work done and then go. I'm dragging, even after breakfast, a diet coke and now I'm drinking an Iced Chai-- hoping to wake up. Today there will be some serious napping and quite possibly some yard work.

Today's Parish was Our Lady of Guadalupe. Father said something in his homily that I wanted to remember so I could comment but I'm tired. His homily was about the underground church, he didn't mean so much about the Church in China, North Korea or any of the other places where the Church is persecuted, but here, in our every day lives, in America where we cast it aside from our daily lives for whatever reasons. He also talked about how it is an offense when our mothers are insulted, which he related to the ulitmate offenses and insults to the Blessed Mother. He mentioned that his parish will be traveling to Mexico to pick up a statues of Our Lady of Guadalupe. It will be a pilgrimage of sorts as they're going to take the El Camino Real. he hopes to get some dirt from the shrine from the srhinre there where Our Lady of Guadalupe is kept. It sounds glorious.

Anyway... the Mass was nice, pretty subdued. It needed trumpets. Tomorrow's will probably be as nice as yesterday's. (I don't want to believe another Mass could top yesterday's as it was my parish's turn yesterday.) It will be the Cathedral Basilca's day and the Cathedral has the most amazing choir in the world. Even if only part of the choir shows up, the music will be fabulous.

And now for the pictures. Eventually, I will do a slide show.

Today is another white day. Most days she wears the most beautiful crown but it seems to blend in with the relief behind her. Much of her jewelry was made because of the donations of parishioners who felt it was a good thing and an honor to give up their precious jewels for her.

After this morning's Mass there are three more left. Two tomorrow and one on Monday. Tuesday, sleeping till 6 is heavenly.

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