Monday, June 2, 2008

Of the holy weird

Got the strangest email today. Well, not the email so much as the link it contained. It was to a long, letter written over 40 years ago from a Brazilian and was a pretty big anti-Catholic diatribe. These are them moments when I wish I was an apologetic or better versed on the Church history to respond. I think it came about because on the Sephardic Mailing list I subscribe to, I answered a question about Catholics and Masonry. I can't recall what the original question was, but essentially I answered that the Church didn't/doesn't want its members to join the masons. It's always been that way. I know there are Catholics who don't abide by the Church and have joined. We have a Masonic Lodge here, several of its members are/were Catholic. They're political figures and power towers here. I suspect that's why they joined. Maybe they're ill formed on their faith and don't know what the Church teaches or doesn't care. I don't discuss all things Catholic on a Sephardic genealogy list.

The Knights of Columbus is the Catholic organization for Catholics. It's in line with Church teaching and belief. That's pretty much all I said to the email list and then got that interesting link in email.

I don't think I want to bother to refute it or discuss it with the guy who sent it to me but I had to write about. ;-)

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Anonymous said...

What the heck is anti-Catholic? Catholics have hijcked USA policy in Easter Europe, Rwanda, Timoor, Phillipines, Vietnam. They were repsonsible for slaver (Roger Taney, John Wilkes Booth) and the socialist labor movement. THey have spread bigotry and government casuistry everywhere. They never hesitated to spread their bigotry. It is not racism to say this. Catholicism is a choice.