Monday, June 23, 2008

Say What You Need to Say

I recently answered a question about the Loretto Chapel and the miraculous staircase at the Catholic Online forum. Someone from Albuquerque chimed in and filled in the rest of the answer.

(image credit: Loretto Chapel in Santa Fe, NM. Photo by camerafiend.)

There is a lot of outrage felt by people that the chapel no longer belongs to the archdiocese. It's interesting that this contempt comes from Catholics who don't live here. I guess we have gotten over our anger about the whole thing 35+ years ago when it happened. I'd love for it to come back to the archdiocese one day and maybe it will.

I googled something unrelated and stumbled upon this article, which is the reason for this post. Anyway, near the end is a tidbit about Lamy and La Conquistadora, which was what I was searching.

"Even the beautiful shrine of La Conquistadora, by which Bishop Lamy paid homage not only to Our Lady, but also to the glory of the Spanish Catholic “conquest” of New Spain, was removed from its place of prominence in his ancient Cathedral dedicated to Christ the King."

I love the spin of that statement. First off, Lamy's Cathedral is far from ancient. In the grand scheme of things, it's new. It's not even 200 years old. She was moved into the original part of the church, which wasn't destroyed in the revolt, to the old chapel, which is nearly 400 years old. That's where she belongs. She's part of our Spanish Catholic Culture, History and Tradition, most of which, Lamy came here to squash.

I don't have a positive opinion of Archbishop Lamy. I need to find objective source material about him before I solidify my opinion of the man. I think he did a lot of good while he was here, but it was at the expense of others and possibly to the detriment of others.

Again... I need to do my research. I think a huge Catholic project is stirring my head anyway.

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