Thursday, November 20, 2008

Old Religious Imagry.

I'm on a slight genealogy kick. I haven't gone all that far back on my family tree, but being that my ancestors first arrived in New Mexico 400 years ago (give or take) and have been here continuously since returning after the Pueblo Revolt of 1680, and seeing as how they've always been Catholic, I just might be able to connect the dots and trace my family back. It would sure be nice to know the whole story, instead of just repeating the family rumors. Also, I've rediscovered La Herencia magazine. It's listed in the links section on my sidebar. Unfortunately most of the content from the issues is not on the web and I hadn't seen the magazine in bookstores in quite a while. It became subscription only so I didn't encounter it much. I saw the summer issue and hoped to find some pictures online somewhere. I checked the Palace of the Governors where I saw some old photos a while back and sure enough many of the photos used in the magazine were there, plus a lot more.

This is a 1948 image of La Conquistadora.

I also found an old image of a Procession of La Conquistadora. and here a page of pictures with many religious processions through the years. I wish the fees for usage weren't so expensive because I'd love to have copies of all these old pictures. At least there are archived and uploaded to the Internet for public viewing. This is an archive page of other religious pictures.

My mom used to talked about the traditions for Corpus Christi. There are images of that here, but she also would mention that they'd stop by all the churches in town and people would set up altars along the way. Here's one image of an altar and here is another which is really lovely. So while that photo was in the 1800's the tradition of setting up altars must have continued through the 30's and 40's while my mother was growing up. It's sad that we've lost that.


Jeff said...


Yopu have roots in New Mexico going back that far? That's really cool. I've never been to the southwest, but I find it fascinating. I've always wanted to live in a Spanish-style adobe home, you see... Can you find me a 5-bedroom adobe home for under 700K? It doesn't have to be in Taos or Santa fe, obviously. ;-)

Great collections of images. Thanks for posting those up. I might have snagged one of those for the 40 Hours post if I had seen it in time.

Maria said...

Yes. My ancestors came with the original settlers in 1598. Unfortunately, I haven't traced them all the way back, but my cousin has made a pretty good dent on the family tree and has gone back a ways.

One of the things I love about living here is the culture and the diversity.

Believe it or not, I could probably find a 5 bedroom house under 700,000. The prices have finally started to come down, but like the rest of the country, it's slow here too.