Friday, November 14, 2008

Silence Has Never Sounded So Great (Updated)

I was watching a video clip of the Cathusian Monks from the movie "Into the Great Silence" doing their chant (posted here) and then I followed some links after the clip and got sucked into another group of monks and their life in an Italian monastery.

Interesting way of life. I haven't watched the other parts following this clip but I will. And no I still have not watched the movie I recorded off EWTN a few weeks back. I'm a little more obsessed with watching Supernatural these days. It's kinda fun to like something on TV again.

I've been watching the movie. It really is beautifully made and engaging. I truly can't imagine living the life of either the monks or the brothers (the nuns for that matter) but it's marvelous to get a glimpse into something I can't imagine or will never know. I think this is the "official" website for the order.

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