Saturday, November 15, 2008

Evolution, Monkeys, and the Catholic Church... Oh My

More Video Love. Originally posted at the Busted Halo website but I saw it in the America Magazine blog, In All Things first. This video explores Catholicism and Science and how as Catholics we can definitely believe in Evolution and Creationism. I still remember a surprising comment I received a long time ago when I mentioned that in Catholic school we studied Evolution. My non religious, very well-educated friend seemed shocked that I actually learned both subjects in my classes. I've never known a time when, as a Catholic, I've ever heard anything antagonistic toward Evolution. The former Vatican Astronomer is interviewed and clearly knows his stuff. I really enjoyed this video and think it's definitely worth viewing.


Jeff said...

Hello Maria,

I noticed your blog over at Jen's. Very nice.

I noticed this video over at America and Busted Halo, too. I thought about posting it myself. I concur... I've never seen a true problem reconciling evolution with faith. I don't ever remember it being a controversial issue. This video piece was very nicely done. I'm not sure exactly what Fr. Coyne actually said in Bill Maher's film, but I doubt that he embarassed us.

Maria said...

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for stopping by. :-)

I did enjoy the video, it's nice to see some sanity for a change. I've never understood those who have lumped Catholics into the Creationist Only camp. There probably are a few, but I honestly don't think that makes sense. It was nice to see a rational explanation of why.
I really haven't had a desire to see Maher's film, I don't tend to get offended easily by that kind of stuff (it's when Catholics bash other Catholics that sets me off) but I suspect Fr. Coyne was probably the only sane voice in a sea of insanity in the film. My office mate saw it and she said he bashed everyone equally. Of course, she's not at all religious
so her perspective might be different.