Monday, November 10, 2008


This is the story about the 8-year-old-boy who killed his father and another man in Arizona. I saw it hit the news last night but didn't know anything about it. As I read it, I wanted to cry. I can't fathom how an 8-year-old could methodically kill two adult men. I don't understand why he'd want to murder them. It just shocked me. As I read through the whole article, when I came to the part where it said he was a third grader, my heart skipped a beat.

My catechism kids are all third graders. I can't imagine any one of them having the means or the capacity to commit such a horrible crime.We talked about mortal sin last Monday night. They understand that murder is a mortal sin, but I just can't believe children that age would really and truly think about killing someone for no apparent reason or have any real understanding of what they have done. I certainly hope to God that's the case.

Of course, many of the other details about the murders haven't surfaced, and maybe we will never know but there are two dead men and an 8-year-old little boy charged with their murders. The only thing we can do is pray for them all right now.

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