Thursday, November 13, 2008

Save Me From the Crazies

Me thinks I need to continue my hiatus from the Catholic Blogosphere. Maybe it's the change of seasons, the full moon, tension in the air, food poisoning or something, but anywhere I go, insanity seems to reign, from the benign and insignificant to the heated and divisive. I had quit reading a few popular forums for quite a while and now I think I know why. I went back to one and got caught up in the same old, same old kind of posts, full of complaints, criticisms and judgments about the Church and Catholics, (none of this had anything to do with politics either). I read a lot of blogs, and there are only a few that I read from time to time, but I've been skipping those ones lately. The Catholicism community still continues to drive me insane. There are some really fabulous members and posters there, so I won't drop it, but I mostly skim it these days. In fact I posted something last night and didn't quite get the answer I was looking for, but quite honestly, I didn't expect to either. Still, I do have to answer comments and will, but I'm not even sure I want to open LJ tonight either.

I don't know why I've been so irritable and easily annoyed lately.


Garpu said...

I hear you. I thought it was going to get better after the election, but...bleh. I read those on my blogroll, but that's about it.

Maria said...

Yeah...Posts I've read recently have been about Christmas Trees being sinful and Pagan, that it's wrong and horrible for priests to start telling jokes at the of Mass to the other nonsense I've seen and it's way too much.

I guess if I was getting any real writing done, I wouldn't feel the need to read the crazies.

Garpu said...

Buh? I've heard some of my best jokes from priests. :) One of the priests at my parish--the one who's dying of cancer--gave a homily in which he'd inserted oodles of tennis puns. really awful puns. Are there good puns? Seems like the only good pun is a bad one. :)

Maria said...

I know... I'd hate to see the cute little jokes go away. It would almost be a sin, ;-).

I've heard them from our older, been there, seen it all priest, who sometimes is hard to hear and from our pastor, who's young and serious.

There was a great story/joke told in a homily last year during the annual novena to Our Lady. The whole week, the priests all were bantering back and forth in good humor, but during the Mass they were all serious and reverent.

I don't think God minds a bit of humor. He did make a platypus, right? (ok, I don't know where that came from. I should go to bed.)