Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'm Blogged Out.

I have a half-finished post in draft mode, but I'm too tired to finish it now. I have a few thoughts on the post-election mood of the nation, but quite frankly I'm tired of talking about the election. Also on my not-so-finished blogging agenda are some ramblings about my worries for the next year, a brief mention about my family and other real life things, but right now the only thing I can do is read Clerical Whispers. The Irish priest who blogs there really does a good job informing the rest of us in the blogsophere of the Catholic and not-so-much Catholic news. It's almost scandalous to waste so much time reading his entries. ;-)

I really need to get back to setting aside time for prayer. I really was finding that I was starting to feel a bit more spiritually grounded when I was praying regularly and now... I think I've just fallen into a drought. I have my prayer book close by, I have my rosary by the bed and at any time during the day I can certainly sit quietly and say a few impromptu prayers, but I just can't make myself do it. It's probably not a mattering of making one's self do it. Honestly, I wish I knew.

I still plan to make some sort of a New Year's Resolution when the new liturgical year starts. I'd like to focus on both my spiritual and physical well-being. I would like to spend a little bit of time growing spiritually through prayer, reading and studying more about the Church and I need to exercise more regularly. I believe that both those activities will lessen the stress of real life a bit.

I can't believe Thanksgiving is in just over a week. Christmas Tree lots are gearing up for the Christmas season. With our unseasonably warm temperatures, I am glad that I have a fake tree because I think the cut trees, which have probably been cut for weeks now, will dry out quickly on the lots long before they get taken home.

*image I spotted ages and ages ago while looking up something on Day of the Dead or something related to Mexican or Chicano literature or culture. I don't recall the artist, otherwise I'd credit. And I photoshopped it just a bit to change the text on the computer screen. But... it illustrates just how wiped out I feel.

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