Thursday, January 22, 2009

I Might Be Done!

I'm considering throwing in the Internets! I was reading a post about the Pope quite possibly considering lifting the Excommunications on the four SSPX bishops and the article was informative and insightful, but the comments.... I'm pulling out my hair here. I know better to read comments on some boards, forums and blogs, but I did it anyway. Why is it that in those places-- doesn't matter if they're liberal, conservative, middle of the road-- the most uncharitable comments get strewn back and forth at each other? Why have I heard the most unchristian and uncharitable words thrown out at other Catholics and non-Catholic Christians?

I've been online and involved in fandom since about 1994- (midseason of Highlander: The TV Series,) when I discovered usenet and met a whole lot of cool people. I've been blogging (well at LJ since 2002) and it's been fun. I've been reading and slightly participating in the Catholic blogosphere about two years-- going on three-- as I first started doing research for my novel, which also coincided on my return to the Church and have found some really, really cool people, I think have made quite a few neat online friends, but I've encountered, well, mostly witnessed, a lot of hostility, animosity and unkind behavior from others, who are not so nice at times.

I've gotten burned out, tired of it all, and really annoyed with people, often fellow Catholics and I'm finding it best to stay away, maybe for good. There are far better things I can do with my time in the evenings-- like go to the gym-- but I enjoy being online and chatting with friends-- via blogs or IM.

I also realize that fighting, nastiness and general bitching at each other isn't just limited to the Catholic blogosphere, but it's where I've seen more of it, not less. It's a bit disheartening.

I may just take a break for a while... or just not venture far iff my blogroll here on the blog.


Since I didn't end up making this post private in the the, I just wanted to add: the lunacy also exists on the Sephardic Genealogy list I read. Heh. Sadly there I've encountered a lot of misconceptions about the Catholic church and some mildly and not so mildly insulting diatribes as well. However, right now Messianic Jews are the topic of choice in the war of uncharitable words. Oy.

I think I'm gonna dump that list. Yes, I'm interested in tracing my family tree back to Spain and yes, I believe I have Sephadic ancestry, but I'm just not really in the place in my life where I can take the time to do all the research to do it. The thing is, also the possibility of discovering I have Jewish ancestors does not change who I am or the faith I follow and believe, though, to some of the people on the list it seems like it should. That maybe a post for later.


Anonymous said...

You must be talking about Fr. Z's blog. SSPX is of interest to him and to traditionalists for obvious reasons. But any post he makes about them turns into some of the nastiest, personal, ad hominem mud slinging you could imagine. It's really ugly.

Garpu said...

Breaks are good...but I think staying the hell away from some other blogs are better. There are a few blogs I just don't read, because I know they'll piss me off. I'd hate to see a normal Catholic like me go. :(

Garpu said...

Thought you might like to read that...

Maria said...


It wasn't Father Z's blog. I actually enjoy it and he does a pretty good job of keeping a reign on the comments. It was actually the Free Republic Catholic forum and the comments had nothing to do with SSPX-- it got into a nasty name calling in a thread, which I've seen dozens of times before. Stuff that's pretty appalling and mean spirited for anyone. Most of the stuff that gets posted there are links from the blogosphere so I should know better and read elsewhere. ;-)

Maria said...


I think I'm just really tired and I was gonna come and make this entry private, as I thought about it last night that I didn't want attention or drama, but I had some comments. :)

Sometimes, I feel that Catholics are mean and uncharitable and it's not at all cool.

Maria said...

I have seen that article at Commonweal but haven't sat down to read it yet.

I really hated to see how Doug Kemic was treated. :(

Jeff said...

I might be with you.

The Latin Mass decision by Benedict was bad enough. If this sop is offered to the SSPX Vatican II recusants while every progressive just continues to get the back of his hand, I'll have completely lost faith and trust in him.

I'm losing enthusiasm for blogging on these topics anyhow. I'm completely worn down by the polarization between Catholic fanatics and all varieties of anti-Catholic fanatics on other sides.

Maria said...

Hi Jeff,

I have a feeling we won't be going anywhere, but I do think I'm going to try hard to step away from my online life a bit more than I have been. Of course, as it's winter, I tend to be online more.

I think there is room for both the Latin Mass along side the ordinary from. I just don't like how divided Catholics are these days. I really find myself more infuriated by the Catholic in-fighting than the anti-Catholic rants I see. I've never really encountered any anti-Catholicism in my life. (Here and there I've encountered non-Catholic Christians trying to save my Catholic soul-- friends and relatives who left the church mostly) but they never said anything particularly offensive. I discovered it all online and the things I've seen, make me wish I never looked.

Anonymous said...


Well you're lucky. I absolutely love Fr. Z's blog, but his posts about SSPX bring out some of the nastiest and most mean spirited comments I've seen on the blogosphere. Oh well.

Maria said...


There is one poster at Father Z's blog who always drives me crazy because he never has anything kind to say about my archbishop or anything positive about the archdiocese here. I always wonder if we're living in the same reality, ;-).

And did you see Deacon's Greg's piece in America yet? I feel better now. :)

There's a link in my last post.