Friday, January 23, 2009

Moments in Time

Yesterday there were two celebrations/protests/marches on the State Capitol. One in celebration of Roe Vs. Wade and the other was in opposition to it. There was a Pontifical Mass at the Cathedral Basilica celebrated by the archbishop, with Bishop Olmstead of the diocese of Phoenix and the bishop of the Las Cruces diocese in attendance. I didn't go and am not sure I would have gone if I could have. What I wish I had done was had the time to watch both marches, take pictures from both and put together a photo essay of both sides.

There was little coverage of either event, though the march from the Basilica to the Roundhouse made the news and not the other. There is a link here at the Journal North, but I'm not sure it's viewable by non-subscribers.

I find events like this fascinating. I love to study and capture people with the camera. In fact, when I heard Sen. Kennedy was ill again, remembering I'd photographed him once, I dug through the photographs I'd taken for my college photojournalism class and scanned them for posterity sake. I met him once. It was the year that Bill Clinton was running for president the first time, Sen. Kennedy came through on a two-day tour and I was able to get some good pictures of him on the campaign stop. It was really cool for a still idealistic, naive college student to meet and photograph someone as well-known as Ted Kennedy.
That was when I first started to pay attention to politics.

Anyway, I uploaded the Kennedy pictures and a few others. I'd forgotten how much fun I had taking pictures. When I worked at the Rio Grande Sun right out of college, I also had to take pictures with the stories I wrote. Sometimes, I really do think I should have stuck with journalism.

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