Sunday, January 11, 2009

Saving this piece by Father Neuhaus to read later. It came highly recommended from an a political savvy smart friend while we were talking on IM tonight. Or this morning. Father Z posted something about Fr. Neuhaus' conversion from Lutheranism to Catholicism. I haven't read much of his writing. I noticed at my parish library we have copies of "First Things" as well as copies of "America" on the shelves.

Tomorrow, before I take down my tree, I'll answer comments from yesterday. I got really sick today-- from family stuff, I suspect. I don't seem to be able to handle stress like I used to. It seems to manifest itself in my stomach now, instead of my shoulders, back and neck. It's not healthy to let it build and it's not healthy to feel so damn gulity either.

As of tomorrow, it's back to walking an hour a day, strength training at the gym three times a week (ok, I will build back up to this routine slowly), daily prayer and maybe writing in my newish- spiritual journal. I also have to set some limits with the parents. That will be hard.

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