Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dear God Hope You Got the Letter

On one of the communities I read on LJ there was a discussion about atheism and Christianity. Actually, it was a rant posted by a Christian who is tired of getting bashed by atheists-- or something to that affect. I know lots of atheists/agnostic/non-religious people, most of them are friends and some family. I've never been bashed, belittled or mocked for believing by any of them. I've never had to defend the reasons for my belief. I just find myself feeling awkward talking about my faith around them sometimes. It's obvious that my aunt is very uncomfortable by the subject of Catholicism though. But that's another post.

Also, I know people who are struggling to believe in God. I think I can understand, but in reality, I probably really can't. Believing in God is a really big thing, probably one of the hardest things for a rational person to accept. I've said more flippantly than seriously, that I'm too afraid not to believe, but I also know deep down I have a soul that was created by God. I just know it. I feel it down to the very fiber of my being. By recongizing that I believe in God, then everything else falls into place.

Recently, I've noticed that there are now two sorts of camps of non-believers: atheists and secular humanists. There was a video posted in one of the communities ( by a blogger I read as well) and in the video debate with a Catholic priest, the other debater, a woman, identified as a secular humanist. It was the first time I'd ever really heard the term or the first time I've heard someone self-identify as a secular humanist. She was really fervent about it which I find fascinating. Like many of those in camp two I've read about or see in interviews, it's like they're running away from religion and belief, yet they act just as ferverant about their non-belief it as some of the believers act in their belief. It's almost like their non-belief is their religion, which is something they're fighting againt.

I don't think I articulated any of this well, so I think I'll leave it at that for now. However,
I came across this news story tonight at CNS and thought I'd share the link. Thousands Attend Boulder Debate on Atheism and Religion. Christopher Hitchens (an atheist named Christopher. Ok, that was snarky) and Dinesh D'Sousa debated. It would be interesting to see a mainstream media report about the event.

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Jeff said...

Interesting. How would you define the difference between a secular humanist and an atheist? Is secular humanism a sort of belief system or "religion" in and of itself?