Thursday, January 15, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Last Dad update also posted to the LJ.

We brought him home yesterday. He was feeling so much better and today he looked great. He hasn't really slept and I'm hoping that today he had some well needed sleep.

The doctor cannot explain what caused his brief illness. He doesn't believe the heart stuff is related and he doesn't believe it's serious. I mean, my dad is 80. He wants him to get an appointment with the heart docs just for a follow up. He also told him to stop taking all the other meds (pain killers and anti-anxiety pills) and just take what he needs for his diabetes and asthma, which are both fairly controlled on the meds. That was also a relief. He also told him to add low-dose aspirin, which may help with all the aches and pains. It's probably not strong enough but we'll see.

Today, after my Catechist workshop, I headed over to there to check on him. I ate lunch with him, and then I came home and slept. I think I finally allowed myself to decompress and rest. I wasn't feeling great today, but I think I knew that I had nothing much to do, so I could take time for myself and rest.

Tonight, I'll have dinner with the folks, I'll watch "Supernatural" tonight. Yay, new episode and I'm all caught up! Hee. Tomorrow, I'll take down Christmas.

Also, thanks for all the thoughts and prayers. It truly meant a lot.


Jeff said...

That's great news, Maria.

Maria said...

I'm so glad he's better. He's been actually doing quite well since my last Dad post. I think his getting sick, helped him in some ways. He hasn't been taking all the prescription meds he was and he's a lot better.