Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Dawn and All Its Majesty

Ok. I've seen this image of cute, little angels in everything, greeting cards, posters, bookmarks, books, websites and I've never thought too much about it. I know it's taken from classical art... well actually Renaissance art by the Italian Artist Raphael. However, I bet most people haven't a clue that it's only part of a painting, that it's from an even greater image, a more important piece of religious art?

I had never seen the piece in its entirety, or if I had seen it in art books when I was younger. My mom has some beautiful art history books and I'd look through them as a kid. She is really the art student, as I only wish that I knew more. Anyway, looking at the piece in its entirety, the angels didn't stand out to me.

As a whole, the angels are dwarfed by the image of the Madonna, who stands between Saints Sixtus and Barbara holding the Baby Jesus. I didn't take a class in Renaissance Art in college, I took Modern Art instead. Now I wish that I had because all I have is Wikipedia to tell me about this painting.

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