Saturday, October 11, 2008

Spirits of the Devils

I made sort of a punchy post in my LJ a while ago about suddenly being convinced that Armageddon is a upon us. History Channel is repeating a special all about Armageddon. Quite, honestly, I don't believe it is upon us. I don't believe in the Rapture or End Times either. However, I am mildly amused that (Dr.) John Haggee is one of the experts inteviewed on the show. You know how seriously I'm going to take this show now. He is the one who has repeatedly made anti-Catholic remarks and insults. He seems ludicrous and foolish in his attacks against the Church too. I can't remember where I ran into staunch defenders of him. Oh yeah the Sephardic mailing list I read. Some non-Catholic Christians took offense to one of my comments that I didn't think his friendship to Israel was sincere and how I took offense to his insults against the Catholic Church and many people defended him. Oh well... I still don't find him to be a credible theologian.
Many of the readings in the Liturgy of the Hours, which shamefully I've been remiss praying this week, have readings taken from Revelation. I also fully admit that it is not a book of the Bible I have read with any regularity but would like to study it more. However, what I've read has led me to believe it, among others must be read carefully, interpreted and not taken literally. I think it's the one book of the Bible that is so misinterpreted and taken too literally.

Of course, who am I to make any real observations? I am not a Biblical Scholar, nor an expert on very much of anything. I'm just muddling my way through life and learning as I go. I'm also very curious, will study and engross myself in persuits that interest, teach and satiate my curiousity. So, I read a lot, though not as much as I'd like to because I seem to spend far too many hours on the Internets or trying to write my own fiction. Trying these days is the operative word. My TV even misses me.

One thing I love and can't get enough of is looking at and studying art. Of course, I'm that "I took a couple of Art History classes in college and that's all I know about it" kind of scholar. I have a couple of art themed gadgets on my main IGoogle homepage which I rarely browse. I forgot that I had an "Art of the Bible" gadget and as I was watching this show, I flipped to that gadget and saw this image. I thought, given what I was watching, Michelangelo's Last Judgment was an appropriate image to stumble upon. Someday, I will see the Sistine Chapel. I can't believe I still have not gone across the big pond yet. Anyway, I'm going to add the website where I found this image to the links section. Apparently this image depicts Rev. 16:14, so now I have something else to study when I'm looking for yet another distraction.

It's late and I start to ramble and am barely articulate when I'm tired. Man, I could have done the last load of sheets while I twiddled away writing this post. I need to go to bed. I slept REALLY late today. If I sleep as late as I did this morning, I'll miss Mass.

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