Sunday, October 26, 2008

I Did It

It's important that all Americans eligible to vote exercise that right, whether it's voting for a major party candidate, a third party candidate or even leaving it blank. There were a couple of places on my ballot which I considered leaving blank but I didn't in the end. I voted my conscience. Enough said.

Today at Mass, our priest made a comment about divisiveness. He said this election, as most elections usually do, has divided people. He said that if he separated the Republicans, Democrats and Independents in the pews and we talked about the election instead of celebrating Mass, it wouldn't take long before the hymnals started flying and getting tossed across the room at each other. I believe he's right. Never before have I see such divisions between people, such anger and animosity toward people over an election.
I think I can understand it, but I don't like it very much.

Last night at the volunteer dinner, we talked a bit about the election, no one revealed how they were going to vote. Actually, I was the only one at the table who had voted, but even at a table of six, you could feel the tension in the air and the fact that we were all different despite all being Catholic was obvious. We all said that we were struggling with our vote this year and talked no more of it.

I think that's what all Catholics are struggling with. Some more than others. I hope that when the results come back on November 4th, we can all come together as a nation, heal, stop fighting with each other and pray that God's will is done no matter who is elected. Then somehow work on change.

I also updated an older entry I posted with that Catholic vote video, which I posted with slight reservation. I added a few other links to the post, which is here.

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