Thursday, October 9, 2008

Even I Know Better...

Oh yeah... and why do I watch the Naked Archeologist? I mean, I generally enjoy it-- I don't always take it seriously, as apparently, the host is not an archeologist but a journalist. Heh, and we all know just how journalists think. Tonight's two episodes were about the Early Christians and what happened to them through the years after the death of Jesus and the rise of Christianity as we know it. He talked about Peter and James and their movement and then Paul. Now, I listened more than I watched, I was watering the grass, fixing dinner (Ok, getting a plate for my McDonald's mushroom and swiss burger and fries) and doing other things to fully watch. However, you don't know how many times I wanted to yell at the TV for stating that James was Jesus' brother!

How I wish these shows would consult some authoritative experts from time to time. Yes, I think that there are lots of stories and myths intertwined in the history of early Christianity, that archeology has proven some historical and biblical events as true, and has cast doubt on others, but seriously, please check facts and details a bit better.

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