Saturday, October 18, 2008

You Said You'd Light a Candle and You'd Say A Prayer For Me....

Someday I may run out of Goo Goo Dolls songs to quote as titles. I guess they better come out with a new CD.

I don't think I'm getting sick, but I felt bad all day long. I couldn't eat, I was chilled, woke up with the beginning of a migraine and was even a tad bit nauseous. I was also exhausted. I didn't sleep well. Maybe I'm still shaken up from getting dumped by someone I hadn't even met yet. Against my better judgment I sent him an email, just to say what I didn't say yesterday. Breaking up (or ending things because we weren't even dating yet) via text message sucks. I also refuse to call him. It's up to him to call me. He sent a reply through the site, but I don't know if he got the email. He didn't say. While I didn't talk about that budding new relationship in here, there was one. I was excited, interested and unfortunately, it didn't work out. He didn't think I was interested, and I didn't think he was but yet we continued to talk anyway. Now he's met someone else and that's that. He wants to be friends, but how can I be friends with someone I didn't have a chance to meet, to find out if there was anything? Nonetheless, it upset me, pissed me off and hurt me. Why? I don't know, it shouldn't. It doesn't matter now that it's over.

This evening when I got home and finally sat down in front of the computer to catch up with all the email I don't seem to be getting, my two LJ friends lists, the blogs I read faithfully, the ones I read semi-faithfully, the ones I skim, and the ones I pass over but for some reason they're on my igoogle reader anyway, I decided to write a recap of my day.

Today was Catechism and the kids were so full of energy, but we got through a review of the last chapter and through all of today's lesson. Some of the kids are excellent students and want to learn, others are probably a bit ADHD, a couple struggle with reading and maybe a few have no desire to be in Catechism class. I have a big class and I have not yet mastered control! But I really enjoy them and I think they are learning. I just fear that I'll fail. I know that God has lead me on this journey. I pray every day that I'm doing right by His will.

So.... about prayer. It was today's topic in our book and Fr. Austin at Jesus Goes to Disney World, talked about prayer in his blog. I really appreciated his thoughts today.

I wish had more to say tonight. I'll finish up in the morning as it's time for my bedtime prayers and a few hours of sleep.

Tomorrow will be a better day. I probably won't be so self-absorbed or angry.

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