Friday, October 24, 2008


Philip Groning's stunning new documentary, Into the Great Silence, on the spirituality of Carthusian monks will be on EWTN this week.

Sun 10/26/08 9:00 PM ET & 6 PM PT
Thu 10/30/08 2:30 PM ET & 11:30 AM PT

I've been wanting to see this. Actually, a good friend of mine has too ever since one of the priests at our parish mentioned it at Mass. I had my netflix on hold for a while, so I never did add it to my queue. I'll set the DVR and watch it later.


Garpu said...

Oooh. I saw it at SIFF a couple years ago. it's gorgeous, but I'd recommend reading up on the Carthusians or Benedictine-derived monasticism first.

Maria said...

Thanks! I know a little about the Benedictine's because we have two monasteries where I live but I have yet to visit them. I don't know much about the Carthusians but I will learn. In fact, I may just DVR it and wait till my friend can join me to watch, provided she hasn't watched it yet.

But I've heard it's just a beautiful movie. I admire how monks can live such quiet and humble lives lives hidden from the outside world like that.