Thursday, October 30, 2008

The First Look at Fall in Santa Fe.

The weather is just lovely. I don't remember a fall quite like this in Santa Fe. It was nice last year for Halloween, but I think this year will surpass that. Today, I watered my lawn, my flower pots are still thriving in the back yard, the birds are still around and I'm hoping to have a mild winter. I'd love to have rain in the city and snow in the mountains. That's probably too much too hope for in this desert town. So, a few pictures. Hopefully, I can hit Canyon Road and walk along the river and get more.

This rose bush is in my garden, it's kind of growing wildly but loves this spot. It's got rose hips like crazy and they always look so pretty through the long, dark winter.

This stand of Cottonwood trees line the side of the road on St. Francis Drive. The Descanso below (the memorial cross) has been there since 1998. Or at least marks the death of someone who died on that spot in 1998.

I pass this stand of chile on my way to the office. Often there are other vendors on this street corner, sometimes they even have food. I'm not sure if the ristras are for the tourists or good enough to eat. I've never stopped to ask. But, you know it's fall in New Mexico when you see fresh red chile ristras or smell the green chile roasting.

The Museum of Fine Arts in downtown Santa Fe.

Changing Aspens on the side of the downtown Presybeterian Church, the name of which escapes me right now.

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An old Colonial house, with lovely foliage in front.

In anticipation of the City's 400th anniversary, the Plaza is getting a face lift and the infrastructure is getting repaired, so that's why there is a fence in these pics. But I loved the contrast of the bark of the tree and the orangey-golden leaves.

The famous clock, people walking down Lincoln Avenue and a corner of the Fine Arts Museum.

Another shot of the Plaza.

Ristas hang from the side of the balcony on the Ore House resturant. These are dried as we use them for cooking. Though, I doubt these are very tasty, as I think they've been here for years.

Chamiso (aka Rabbit Bush) and Russian Sage in the circle in front of my house. My neighbors and I have a community garden and these really thrive there.

Holloween Decor from my front garden. Gotta get into the spirit of the holiday, you know.

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