Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More Link Than Content

Tired. Tired. Tired. So, I think that's why my postings have been rather lame of late. I do have a draft of a post about Halloween and Dia de los Muertos, but no energy to finish it.

I was reading my blogroll tonight, which includes America Magazine's blog, In All Things and found this link to Time Magazine's article about the making of saints. Some on people the list are either blessed or venerables, some are possibles and others not even close.

Still, I like reading about saints of the past, modern-day saints and possible saints of the future. Worth having a look.


Garpu said...

I'd say we really need Dorothy Day. Social justice is becoming more and more about only one issue, which worries me. (Because *all* life is sacred, you know?) Oscar Romero being canonized would do a lot to rejuvenate the Church in South America, too.

bah. I grew up near Chicago, when Bernardin was Cardinal. He's a saint. :) Same with merton.

Maria said...

I so agree with you. I haven't read a whole lot about Dorothy Day or her writings, but what I've heard about her and do know about her, I know I'll love her.

Oscar Romero really does need to be a saint, like now. I don't know much about the Cardinal and I love Merton.